Quinta dos Carqueijais

The perfect date with nature


Villa da Floresta

The leafy and imposing trees surround the house and ensure privacy to our guests without blocking the wonderful views of the Caniçada dam. And there is no better place to contemplate it than our porch. Extensive, wide, a real terrace at your disposal.

Of course you can also enjoy the scenery while having fun in our heated swimming pool in an air-conditioned environment. It is the perfect place to relax or go along with the children’s playing in a breathtaking scenery. The glazing walls and ceiling reveal to our eyes a view where sky and river are separated only by the green of the mountain.

You can then spend some time in your room. The House of the Forest has at your disposal five large bedrooms, one of them is a double room, and a decoration that will leave you surrendered. The aesthetic combines sophistication with tradition that will make you feel so at home it will give you the impression that your room was, as if by magic, transported to the heart of Gerês.

In all of them you have a bathroom, balcony and all those comforts we no longer dispense: air conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet.

And there is also a social room. Privileged place to cultivate friendship with conversations and gatherings of friends that extend the afternoons and evenings when the clock gets a secondary role.

There is even a modern kitchen, where you can prepare your meals that snuggle up the body of a soul dazzled by such beauty that abounds here.

For summer days, we set up a barbecue area, located outside the house. Here you can prepare small and large repasts, those that we shall always associate with the unforgettable holidays spent at Quinta dos Carqueijais.