Quinta dos Carqueijais

The perfect date with nature

Quinta dos Carqueijais

Dream scenery come true, Quinta dos Carqueijais, opposite to Caniçada Dam, surrounded by the mountains and valleys of a paradise called Peneda-Gerês National Park. Privileged place to hear the voice of Nature, the murmur of the sierra, the whisper of the river.

Six villas await you. They were specially designed for your comfort and well-being, where we thought about everything so that nothing distracts you from that unique experience that is to feel Gerês deep inside of it.

Dare! Let yourself be carried away by the call of nature and discover this wonderful world that awaits you. Set off in search of places full of history and breathtaking natural beauty, with obligatory stop off through the small villages which are home to people rich in wisdom and tradition.

Tread the many paths, crossing here and there with animal species that go by here for thousands of years. And let yourself be invaded by thousand smells pumped continuously for this that is the lung of northern Portugal. Without forgetting the flavours of the irresistible local gastronomy refined throughout the centuries in a mix of know-how and the art of taking advantage of the best meat, the best vegetables and the best condiments that this land has to offer. And when you come back we have waiting for you the perfect place to relax, take a deep breath, look around and enjoy this heavenly place, comfortably installed in one of the five houses at Quinta dos Carqueijais purposely built thinking about moments like this.

Whether it is in Villa de Pedra (Villa of Stone), which is the main house with three bedrooms and its own pool, or in one of the other houses: Villa das Oliveiras (Villa of the Olive Trees), Villa dos Plátanos (Villa of the Sycamores), Villa Panorâmica (Panoramic Villa) or Villa da árvore (Villa of the Tree) are individual houses with access to a pool that seems to merge with the waters of the Dam, which is nearby. And there is also a place for barbecue with a wood burning oven, a basic necessity among the people of the mountains. All of this in a porch that promises to let you undecided about what most fascinated you: the food or the view? When you recover your strength you can venture on again through the trails of Gerês.  We lend you a bike for you to go sightseeing wherever your will, or curiosity, will take you. If you prefer a river trip, we have just for you a pontoon with direct access to the Dam. From there you can go on board our canoes, free of charge, on a tour through Caniçada, paradise of water and mountain that dazzles and delights everyone. The water, another of our best kept secrets, here is fresh, plentiful and with a flavour of purity you do not find anywhere else. Let yourself go by it and by the soft voice of the mountain, but not for long.

Quinta dos Carqueijais awaits you with those little luxuries that feel so good for us. There is Internet and TV in all houses, as well as kitchenette for small and large meals. Nothing here is missing so that you can enjoy on the front row, this natural spectacle called Gerês, surrounded by an atmosphere of luxury and exquisiteness.

An innovative concept of accommodation, combining the very best of a hotel, of the traditional holiday houses or of the mountain bungalows. The perfect place for holidays in Gerês, or a weekend getaway, at very interesting prices.

It is said that in life, sooner or later, we all have the right to a perfect day. Who knows you will find yours here...


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